2019: a focus switch

Focus on creation and content instead of big build. No or way less hammocks (think max. 5), instead a combination of living space and a wonder space. The latter could be a maze, or different corners and alleys, or different levels, etc. This space consists of different (mini-) projects aiming to make people wonder. It’s up to our fantasy, skills and creativity to make these happen. Almost anything is possible, from installation to performance to our own cabaret to interactive art.


We go smaller again, towards 25 people. No new members, only oldies. If any of the oldies want to invite someone whom they think would fit in our new concept, they are responsible for informing their invitee on how the camp works. So less energy going to guiding around new people.


We’d like to explore a do-ocratic approach, inspired by Burnerot (the other Israeli burn). People create micro/mini/big projects for the wonder space and collaborate with each other through an online platform. It’s a great way of connecting and combining skills. Got an idea, but need a LED savvy person? Great, you could find each other there. We’d also love to organize a weekend (probably in France) beforehand to brainstorm and co-organize.