Wonderever 2022 first meeting Recap

David, on March 21th 2022

Hey'all! It's haaaaappppeeeennnniiiiinnnnggggggg! (to be read this with a diva voice)

On March 16th evening, we have discussed the points on the meeting notes document. Thanks to all that contributed, either in advance or during the meeting.

First we've discussed crew:

  • We all converged quickly to a proposal of keeping the camp to the size we're used to: around 30 people (absolute maximum 35).

  • We'd also like to include newcomers (max 30%).

  • Hannah will work on a form she'll send to you oldies, and then to interested newbies.

  • New applicants are also welcome to read the website, notably the manifesto, and send an email to so we can send them the form when ready.

Second, we talked about atmosphere of the camp:

  • A unanimous praise on bringing the hammocks back!

  • Also some support for the manifesto we wrote in 2020. David will update the manifesto for this year.

Third, we talked about fees:

  • As ticket price for the event are becoming much more expensive, many asked to keep the fees to a minimum so money doesn't exclude people from the barrio. We also commit to provide some low-income like past, and the the opportunity to pay more for those who can. For reference, in 2019, barrio contribution was 135€ min per person.

  • To get a better estimate on fees, we need to start working soon on a provisional budget. Note that this year comes with way more uncertainty than previous ones: we don't know how many building materials are still OK to use after 3 years in our containers (one of which was damaged in 2019).

Fourth, we talked about lead volunteer positions. Some are already filled or were filled during the meeting:

  • Barrio lead: Hannah & David

  • Design: Ward

  • Build & strike: Marianne & Ronoy

  • LNT: Melissa

  • Finance: Guij

Thanks a lot to Melissa & Guij who stepped up during the meeting <3 Love you <3

We still need volunteers for two big responsibilities: Kitchen and Food logistics. Interested? Write Hannah a message and fill our stomachs with veggie joy!

Don't worry, there will also be other responsibilities to take before and during the event to make the camp happen: water, beverages, workshops, etc. (we'll communicate them later, they don't need to be filled now).

Last but not least, we talked about communication. David will create a mailing list for important communications (these will also appear in the News section of the website). We'll also have a Telegram channel for announcements and maybe some last-minute chitchats before the events. All documents we share (meeting notes, spreadsheets, etc.) can be put in a Google Drive, and every member of the mailing list will be able to see them.

Want to be added to the mailing list? Write to (Only if you want to be part of Wonderever this year)

Big (consensual) hugs! Thanks for reading :)

Wonderever 2022 first meeting

David, on March 8th 2022

Hi all! I hope you're as excited as we are to co-create Wonderever after these two past years.

Let's continue what we started in 2020, and start by discussing together three important topics:

  • crew: how big do we want to be?

  • culture: what should Wonderever feel like?

  • moneyyyy: what do you think reasonable fees for the camp would be?

We need to figure these out rapidly, so we can start constituting our crew and begin planning! So this meeting will happen next week for those who are joining this year.
Here is a link to vote for the date: (open until Thursday, March 11th).

If you can't make it, you opinion is still gonna count! Please fill this document with your answers.

Cheers, see y'all soon!


Thanks y'all for filling the poll for our first meeting date so quickly 🤩

Looks like we'll meet Wednesday 16th at 9PM.

I'll update this post with the video call link.

Wonderever 2022 is starting

Hannah, on March 8th 2022

And .. we started the organisation of Wonderever 2022!

Let's introduce the first confirmed Leads:

  • Barrio Lead: co-leaded by David Nowinsky and Hannah Vanbelle

  • Build Lead: Marianne

  • Strike Lead: Marianne

  • Design Lead: Ward Dilez

Of course everyone can have a say in how we organize our barrio, therefore David will post an invitation later on tonight, keep your eyes open 🙂

I'm already very happy we have a good beginning core team. But we need all of you on board, as you know there's lots of work!

We just had our first barrio lead meeting as co-leads and it's so nice to be a team!

Good evening to you all, buenas noches, bonne soirée, fijne avond!