Warning: serious shit, put on your suits!

Wonderever is changing this year, as you can read in the Manifesto!

On this Practical page we add everything concerning practical organisation, general information from Norg (Nowhere Organisation), and other basics.

If you update this page, let everyone know on the FB event page.

let's start: the basis

(written May 15th, 2019)

For everyone:

  1. Participant list: Update your info on this list. Check the different tabs for basic info, build/strike info and more.
  2. Facebook-event: A page for this year's Wonderever members, we use it as a forum (discussion/questions/..), updates of this website, new documents on Drive, links, etc. It will be our main communication platform.
  3. This website: Our central hub of information. Wonderever's core philosophy, practical information, Norg announcements, an archive and the do-ocracy platform. If you'd like to edit the website, ask on the FB event page.
  4. Do-ocracy platform: Our core business! Here we add all tasks necessary to run our barrio and to create artistic content in our WonderSpace. Find or create a task and make it happen, alone or in collaboration!
  5. Drive: Our basis for documents > meeting reports, brainstorm sessions, camp design, etc.
  6. Weekly online Monday meeting: Through Skype or another platform we meet to keep the conversation and community going. Where's everybody at? What's new? Who needs assistance? Who has a crazy idea? Via the poll on our FB event the majority chose Monday as the preferred day. We will meet on Monday 27/5, 3/6, 10/6, 17/6, 24/6, 1/7.
  7. Tools: the collaborative "available power tools spreadsheet" should be filled by everyone who can contribute tools to the event and build !


  1. Telegram: a group for more immediate communication or fast decisions. The group was started by the Wonderever Weekend attendees. If you want to join the fast team, ask on the FB event page.

This probably seems like a lot of different channels and sources, true that. But they're rather small things and easy to install. More efficient ideas? Contact Hannah or David!