On this Practical page we add everything concerning practical organization, general information from Norg (Nowhere Organization), and other basics.

If you update this page with important shit, let everyone know by posting on the Facebook group and/or the Telegram loop.

Communication tools

  1. This website: Our central hub of information. Wonderever core philosophy, practical information, Norg announcements, an archive and links to all of our tools. If you'd like to edit the website, ask David who will give you the editor rights.
  2. The Facebook group: for current, past and future Wonderlings, it's our regular info feed. Ask any member if you need to be added to the group :)
  3. The Telegram loop: a closer group, focused on this year's organization. Good for immediate communication and fast decisions. Ask any current Wonderling if you want to be part of it!


We store documents in that and make spreadsheets when necessary. Very useful to archive past years stuff.

Important documents can be embedded into the website.

Boards to collect feedback, make lists, and organize things. Ask David to be added to the Wonderever Trello group.