For 2020, we aim at being a chill barrio, of around 25 co-creators.

Our organization will be no-stress and relax-y, yet efficient.

We will provide Nowhere with a chill and art place, to gather and wonder.

They will be some fuckery in the air, a touch of acid humor, and we'll be ready to spice the days (and nights)... when not sleeping in our hammocks :p

We'll have a vegetarian kitchen (sometimes bacon could be seen in there, but that's a well guarded guilty pleasure).

As co-creators, we expect ourselves to be committed to participate:

      • either:

        • doing build and strike,

        • bringing an art piece to the playa or to the camp

        • taking the camp lead for a day or a specific lead during the event

      • joining the organization before the event, in one of our meetings and/or our organization week-end

      • helping Norg with volunteer shifts.

As we aim to stay a small, human-size camp for all of us to connect with each other and keep organization to an easy level, we're not sure we'll be accepting new people to join the barrio. If you still think we'll get very well along, ask one of our members to discuss about it and see how it goes, and write us an email :)